Monday, 19 October 2015

Download Snapchat for iPad Mini & Air | Snapchat for iPhone 5/5S/6S Plus free Download

Posted by Shubham Khatwani
Snapchat for iPad: On the request of our readers Here is our Latest article on How to download Snapchat for iPad, Snapchat for iPhone and Snapchat for iPad mini. Snapchat is one of the best and Unique Photo Sharing and messaging app which makes Snapchat among the Top 5 Social messaging application around the World. 
The main reason behind of popularity of Snapchat app is its Unique Features. Snapchat app has got many million of downloads in Android Play Store and still counting. So in this tutorial I will Show you How to download Snapchat on iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPad Air. This tutorial will work for all iPad and every iOS version. Also check snapchat pc download only now

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How to Download Snapchat for iPad/iPhone

If you're looking to have Snapchat on your iPad and iPhone you can get it from iTunes Store officially. The installation process of Snapchat on iPad and iPhone is same as other apps.
Download Snapchat for iPad

Features of Snapchat on iPad

Before telling how to install Snapchat on your iPad, first I would like to tell you all the Features of Snapchat which makes it so much popular among its user. Snapchat was launched in early 2009 but it Started getting popular in 2011 and now its one of the most used Social networking app. After that many app entered in the market to Compete with Snapchat but its features made it stand out of crowd.

Snapchat allows you to Share photos (also called snaps) and messages with other Friends who are using Snapchat. But what makes different is that the Snaps which you share with your friends will last only for 24 hours. After twenty-hours the Pics which you sent to other peoples will get permanently deleted from their servers.

When your install the Snapchat app for the first time it will automatically scan all your contacts and will Show you which friends from your contact list are using snapchat application. So now you can play Funny Pranks with your friends over Snapchat as you know it will stay alive for 24 hours only.


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